Aaron Davis Hall, City University of New York, September 2017

George Lois, a titan of the advertising industry for over sixty years, recently donated his archive to the City University of New York. This exhibition will celebrate this incredible gift and the designer equally impressive achievements, focusing in particular on the thirty-five iconic covers he designed for Esquire magazine in the 1960s and 1970s and the social and cultural impact they had. Featuring dozens of never-before-seen preparatory drawings for the covers, this show will provide unique insight into the mind of a master provocateur and his "big ideas."


Great Hall Exhibition Series, The Institute of Fine Art, NYU, March 30 - May 8, 2015

Co-Curated with Susanna V. Temkin

An installation of two artworks by Felix Gonzalez-Torres will be featured this spring as part of the Great Hall Exhibitions series at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. Organized by Katharine J. Wright and Susanna V. Temkin, this installation pairs two works encompassing different media and conceptual practices that speak to major themes in the artist’s oeuvre. The manifestable candy piece “Untitled (Placebo-Landscape-for Roni)”, 1993 and the static photographic work “Untitled” (Natural History), 1990 offer a point of access into overarching strategies that the artist employed throughout the course of his career.


80 Washington Square East Gallery, February 10 - 14, 2015

Featuring work by Louis Kim and Peter Valenti

For the duration of this exhibition, artists Peter Valenti and Louis Kim are doning the personae of Steinhardt undergraduate art majors to engage the public through an exceedingly avant-garde series of performance pieces and sculptural interventions. Kim’s inventive MDF constructions—from awnings to handlebars—fill the gallery space at 80 Washington Square East and foil the liminalities between object and sculpture, personal and universal, performance and life. This installation will be activated by improvised performances and events by Valenti, in an attempt to question the voyeuristic and performative nature of quotidian city life.

EXPAND//FOLD//COLLAPSE//Sculptures by Marta Chilindron

Great Hall Exhibition Series, The Institute of Fine Art, NYU, November 3 - December 5, 2014

Co-Curated with Susanna V. Temkin

Embracing the instability of perspective and form, New York artist Marta Chilindron (b. 1951, Buenos Aires) creates manipulable sculptures in transparent and colored acrylics. Adapted from such basic geometric shapes as spheres, cubes, and pyramids, her artworks conceal their identity as complex, kinetic constructions. Constructed from multiple panels connected by hinges, Chilindron’s sculptures are charged with transformative potential that, when activated by the viewer, cause the works to expand//fold//collapse.

Providing a dramatic contrast to the ornate interior of the Duke House, seven works by the artist will be on view in the lobby and vestibule of the Institute of Fine Arts for the Fall 2014 Great Hall Exhibition. Focusing on Chilindron’s engagement with idealized geometric forms, these works, executed between 2006 and 2014, will show the diversity of the artist’s practice, ranging from table-top objects such as the curvilinear Helix (2011) to her large-scale Cube 48 Orange (2014). This latter work represents Chilindron’s expansion into immersive sculptural environments, and is being shown in New York for the first time since its debut in the Encounters exhibition at Art Basel Hong Kong, held in spring 2014.